A beginner-friendly chunky crochet slipper pattern with all the trimmings – the Iota Moroccan Slippers Kit oozes simplicity and playfulness, while reflecting the company’s dedication to sustainability and modern aesthetics. If you’ve got a picky crocheter on your list, this kit might be your saving grace!Use code “best gift ever” for 10% off!

hand made crochet slippers with blue pompoms



当我第一次接到IOTA的时候摩洛哥拖鞋套件, I was quite surprised by the yarn. I knew it was a cotton and poly blend, and loved the color and texture of the yarn. It has a slightly rough feel, so if you’re looking for cashmere slippers, this isn’t for you. Iota’s yarn is also used for an各种各样的家庭装饰物品得到了很多磨损,所以我可以看到这些拖鞋采取殴打。纱线在松散的帘线中具有棉花和聚合物。几乎没有任何伸展的伸展,它有一个轻微的光泽。

unique chunky cotton yarn from iota

我最喜欢的部分钩针kit isn’t even the yarn. The摩洛哥拖鞋套件comes with a crochet hook, the yarn for the poms, and the best part – a pair of elastic segments with closures to hold the slippers on your feet. I love that I don’t have to worry about a perfect fit, because I can simply pull the closures tighter. The elastic pieces are cut to the right length, with no frayed ends. It was so easy to put everything together. All the pieces were right at hand and came together like a fun art project.

what's in the iota moroccan crochet slipper kit


fluffy blue pompoms on crochet slippers

因为纱线是一个令人讨厌的家用DED风格的材料,当你第一次穿拖鞋时会感到粗糙。我穿着我的硬木地板,粗糙度在第一天结束时变得有点不舒服。(不要判断,这是锁定,我整天都在拖鞋!)下次我打开时更柔软,我想它会用清洗软化。它是超级舒适和透气,在地毯上穿,塞满了handmade blanket在沙发上。


iota是AnIsraeli lifestyle brandfounded in 2014 to bring the age-old art of crochet into the future, as well as to create social change in the process.他们的产品具有戏剧性的家居装饰件使用颜色,纹理和形状来讲故事。我承认,当我第一次看到他们的时候rope swings,我立即开始看着我的天花板找到钻孔的地方。

iota crochet swing iotaproject.com

photo credit:Iotaproject.com

Iota’s yarns are unique and exclusive to their brand. Their cotton isOeko-Tex certified,这是产品安全和可持续性的独立认证。我是一个狂热的读者ewg.org.when it comes beauty products, so learning about Iota’s dedication to earth-friendly and safe production standards was a real plus in my book!

钩针编织with Impact

In addition to ensuring a high quality product,IOTA也强调了钩针的社会方面。This is something many of us have felt more keenly recently, and I appreciate Iota’s efforts to use their business as a vehicle for social change. Iota’s products are handmade by women who may not have the opportunity to work outside the home. They pay a fair wage, and ensures theart of crochet is handed down to another generation




cool and comfortable crochet slippers


  • I started by working the instructions for the middle size. Halfway up my feet, I increased the width to give my instep more room. You can simply extrapolate the pattern increase instructions to made the slipper the desired width.
  • The length of the slipper is easily customizable too. Keep working the rounds until you reach just before the ankle (where your foot turns up to your leg).
  • 因为我增加了拖鞋的宽度,所以我遵循了对图案的后半部分的大尺寸的说明。图案的碎片是可互换的,因此您可以选择挑选并选择最适合。
  • Poms的纱线非常厚,所以I used a large serving fork to make my pompom instead of a regular fork。那里有很多纱线,所以你可以获得一个非常完整而蓬松的pom。
  • I may grab some scrap leather from the craft store and sew it to the bottom of the slippers to make them less slippery.




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